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03.05.2015 // From 1st of July, the Norwegian Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority is handing over the reception of visa applications and permits to VFS Global in both the West Bank and in Gaza.

From this day, all applicants will hand over the applications and documents to the Visa Application Centre in Ramallah and in Gaza City. The change is made for the benefit of the applicant.  Firstly, the waiting time for an appointment will be shorter. Secondly, visa applications will be processed much faster. Applicants with an East-Jerusalem ID will still be able to submit their applications at the Representativ Office in Al Ram.

In practical terms, this means that the VFS will perform the task of accepting applications and supporting documents for visas and residence permits, and perform the biometrics on behalf of the Norwegian Representative Office. From 1st of August 2015, the Norwegian Embassy in Amman will process the visa applications, while the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) will still process residence permits. All applicants must continue to choose "Representative Office Al Ram" when registering their application on the Application Portal. 

The change is made for the benefit of the applicant in order for visa applications to be processed faster. The Visa Application Centre in Ramallah and in Gaza City charge a fee in Israeli shekels equivalent to 30 Euro, for handling the application, to be paid at the center. However, with longer opening hours at VFS the applicants will experience shorter waiting time for submission of applications and better service. VFS will also answer general queries about visas, residence permits and application procedures and have longer phone hours than the Embassy. VFS will not have any influence whatsoever on the decision or outcome of applications.

All applications will still have to be registered and paid online on the Application Portal Norway https://selfservice.udi.no at the "Representative Office Al Ram". After the application has been registered and the fee paid, applicant can go to the Visa Application Centre in order to submit the application. Applicants who are not able to register their application online, will get assistance to do so at the VFS centers.

Address and contact information Visa Application Centrein Ramallah: Latin Building, Aa Ahlieh College St. Ramallah, Palestine

Address and contact information Visa Application Centre in Gaza City: 33/1360 Khaled Ben El Walid St. Gaza Strip, Palestine

For contact information and information about working hours, please visit the website of VFS Global:


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